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 Gamer Headquarters Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Gamer Headquarters Forum Rules   November 23rd 2008, 12:50 am

1. Be Respectful- Respect your fellow members,treat them the way you want to be treated. This is a peaceful community,so help keep it that way. Don't make life difficult for people you don't like, we dont want any flaming(see rule #2). Also be respectful in general,not just on this forum.

2. No Flaming- Do not make hurtful comments about other members' opinions, beliefs, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, skin color, etc. This includes general hurtful or degrading comments about groups of people which other members may or may not belong to. Of course you are allowed to disagree with a person's opinions, but please do so in a respectful manner. State your disagreement by all means, but if you think the other person is the dumbest person you've ever met for thinking so and deserves to rot in Hell, just keep it to yourself.

3. No Advertising- Don't advertise other sites in here, and don't advertise on other sites, unless of course they permit advertising.

4. No Cursing at Extent- Swearing excessively or with insulting connotations is not allowed.

5. No Spamming- SPAM "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages" is not allowed. This includes:"quoting" a thread without replying, posting multiple times in a row(Just edit your post), one word posts(make your post meaningfull), getting off topic, threads with no real topic of discussion(example="1,000th POST!", no sensible discussion will ever come from it,don't fill the forums with such stupidity), and overuse of smilies and images.

6. No Plagiarism- Don't post anybody else's artwork or text without appropriate credit (something where the artist can be considered obvious, such as official art or characters, video game screenshots, etc., does not count), and definitely do not claim to have created anything that you didn't.

7. No Porn -At no time will any graphics depicting any type of pornography be permited.

Forum Guidelines

These are general behaviour guidelines which may earn you minor infractions if broken in excess.

-Spelling, grammar and punctuation should be good enough to be easily readable and understandable. Chatspeak (u, 2, b and various other chatroom shorthand) is frowned upon.
-Follow the rules and remember them. If in doubt about whether what you are going to post is legitimate, ask a moderator or administrator - don't just post "I'm sorry if this is breaking the rules, but..."
-Read the individual forum guidelines (the threads stickied at the very top some forums) carefully before posting in that forum.
-Do not ask or imply that you want to be a moderator. You will be a moderator only if you show the maturity and ability to, and if anything, asking for it will decrease your chances.
-Listen to what the moderators and administrators say, whether you choose to agree with it or not.
-After being warned or infracted, consider yourself warned and be more careful.
-Do not attempt to get moderators and administrators biased towards you by "sucking up" (i.e. blindly supporting or admiring them in order to cause them to like you).
-Do not just repeat what somebody else has already said in different words.
-Generally, posts should be longer than one sentence. Short posts are technically allowed, but of course they must not be spam, and you should post plenty of long posts to weigh against them.
-If you do not thoroughly know a subject, don't pretend to.
-Do not claim to be your brother/cousin/friend/etc. or tell the moderators or administrators after breaking a rule that your brother/cousin/friend/etc. got into your account and was the one who broke the rule rather than you. Generally the philosophy here is that if your account is not safe from troublemaking relatives and acquaintances, we will be forced to warn and ban it based on just how much trouble the relative/acquaintance makes anyway. We recommend that you make sure to have a secure password and log out of your account when leaving the forums before your brother/cousin/friend/etc. gets you in trouble. Not that said brothers/cousins/friends usually exist in the first place.
-If you are found to be "trolling", i.e. deliberately attempting to make trouble, your account may be banned even if all your rulebreaking is borderline.

You must follow these rules.Breaking these rules is strictly forbidden.If you break these rules you will face severe consequences.Moderators are of course not exempt from the rules and will be demodded if they are seen breaking them.It will result in getting banned for several days even weeks so please follow them as you are responsible for them.

Thank you all for reading the forum rules.
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Gamer Headquarters Forum Rules
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