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 Shiny Chaining

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PostSubject: Shiny Chaining   December 19th 2008, 11:22 pm

What you need to chain shinys:
max/super repel
poke radar
stress ball (optional)
Pokemon diamond/pearl

ok now you should have what you need, here i will explain what each is used for. the repels are used for avoiding any other pokemon while walking to break your chain, the repel will not repel pokemon on the poke radar though. The poke radar is a device given to you by Prof.Rowan once you have seen all 150 Sinnoh pokemon. You use it to find rare pokemon is the wild grass, but remember that you cant use it in teh tall grass (the one you cant ride your bike in) Patience is needed because you will not always find the pokemon your looking for on the first try, it'll take time. A stress ball is for when your chain breaks after a high number, that or screaming works, but please dont squeese your DS!

well finding a shiny pokemon in the wild by running in the grass randomly is a 1/8192 chance, its fine to do it this way if you want to dedicate your life to it, but its not a good idea so try to chain. Basically what you do is use your pokeradar and look at the moving grass, walk in the rarest type (i will explain this later) and kill/catch the pokemon. after that look and go into the next patch and repeat until you got to 40 o fthe same pokemon or so and then once at forty your chances of finding a shiny goes from 1/8192 to 1/200!
its easier said then done so please read the rest of this guide for more help.

yes, yes indeed. Shiny's are concidered very rare, which they are in fact. They can be traded for many useful thing that you need, so stocking up on these bad boys(girls/nogenders) can be very helpful, NOT TO MENTION THE COOLIEST POKEMON EVER!!!

-if the pokemon your chaining knows explosion/self destruct, bring a pokemon with the ability DAMP
-if the pokemmon your chaining knows roar or whirlwind, bring a pokemon with suction cup
-always go to a patch in the grass where it is shining/sparling
-teh patch farthest away from you is said to have a more rare poekmon than the closer ones, so go to those.
-if your worried about money, buy super repels to save money, max repels are a rip off
-chaining in swarms is a better way to chain, except for swarms that are in wheather conditions such as fog, rain, sandstorm.
-take advantage of your counter attachment and and count your chain so you dont loose count in your head
-if your chaining electric pokemon bring a pokemon with static
-if your chaining steel pokemon bring a pokemon with magnet pull
-if the pokemon your chaining knows teleport bring a pokemon with shadow tag, arena trap, or a fast pokemon with mean look.
-save before you chain incase its a failure, to save those repels!!!!!
-if your a beginner try to chain something easy like bidoof or starly
-if you bring a pokemon with syncronize, the shiny pokemon, if any, will have a 50% chance of being the same nature as teh pokemon with syncronize.
-if you want a certian gender, use a pokemon with cute charm and the pokemon will be (probably) the opposite gender.
-try places with TONS of grass

OK i give all this credit to GAMEFAQS, i found this on there and i though it would help a lot
again this is from GAMEFAQS

Chain -------- Probability ------- One in (insert number) chance
1 | 0.000140256881714 | 7130
2 | 0.000146835728696 |6971
3 | 0.000143461961013 | 6810
4 | 0.000150391862199 | 6649
5 | 0.000154145558675 | 6487
6 | 0.000158113752093 | 6325
7 | 0.000162315368652 | 6161
8 | 0.000166771628640 | 5996
9 | 0.000171506404877 | 5831
10 | 0.000176546650548 | 5664
11 | 0.000181922912598 | 5497
12 | 0.000187669951340 | 5329
13 | 0.000193827492850 | 5159
14 | 0.000200441148546 | 4989
15 | 0.000207563546988 | 4818
16 | 0.000215255737305 | 4646
17 | 0.000223588943481 | 4473
18 | 0.000232646776282 | 4298
19 | 0.000242528048429 | 4123
20 | 0.000253350394113 | 3947
21 | 0.000265254974365 | 3770
22 | 0.000278412668329 | 3592
23 | 0.000293032328288 | 3413
24 | 0.000309371948242 | 3232
25 | 0.000327754020691 | 3051
26 | 0.000348587036133 | 2869
27 | 0.000372396196638 | 2685
28 | 0.000399868304913 | 2501
29 | 0.000431919097900 | 2315
30 | 0.000469797307795 | 2129
31 | 0.000515251159668 | 1941
32 | 0.000570805867513 | 1752
33 | 0.000640249252319 | 1562
34 | 0.000729533604213 | 1371
35 | 0.000848579406738 | 1178
36 | 0.001015243530273 | 985
37 | 0.001265239715576 | 790
38 | 0.001681900024414 | 595
39 | 0.002515220642090 | 398
40 | 0.005015182495117 | 199

a normal patch of drass will be noticable, and just catch your attention by moving a little, here are just any pokemon

the next and more rare type is the sparkle one. it will sparkle and it well REALLY catch your attention, here are the more rare pokemon, but some still normal ones

teh last and most rare are the "shiny" patches. here there is a REALLY good chance a shiny pokemon is in it. It looks like the sparkle patch except the sparkles are gleaming and its much more noticable then the sparkle patches. these uaually appear around 40 pokemon chain, but some lucky ones have found them earlier.

for those who havent figured this out yet or are looking for a more in depth look at shiny chaining, here is the place. i will tell you everything you need to know, and what shiny pokemon look like apart form their normal versions. hope this part helps!

1.resaerch the pokemon you want, make sure you see if it has anything to do with anything in the "important tips", find how rare it is, find where it is, and find out the level of it.

2. bring a pokemon you know can put it to sleep..etc.. to catch or knock it out in one hit so you can make it a faster process and teh chain wont break. If the pokemon you know are chainging has something in the "important tips" bring a pokemon who can take care of it. Do to teh route of your pokemon, and find the biggest patch of grass in that route. make sure you have TONS of repels (super is preferred) and tons of pokeballs (any kind) if you are going to catch it.

3. stand near the middle of the patch and spray a repel. (make sure your pokeradar is set to registered) adn press Y. look at your screen to see the moving patches, if there were any "sparkle patches" go to them, if there werent, just go to the patch farthest away from you that moved. If it is the pokemon you were looking for, kill/catch it, if it was not, run and DO NOT KILL/CATCH IT. keep doing this until you find the pokemon you were chaining for.

4. if you have found the pokemon you are chaining for, kill/catch it and then wait. when you get out of the battle more patches should move, go to eaither a "sparkle patch" or the farthest normal one. inside it should be the pokemon you were chaining, if it wasnt, YOUR CHAIN BROKE (if it was this early your chain never formed XD), but don tget mad yet, the game is programed this way, just try again.

5. if your repel runs out fo the following steps. 1) let your radar go, and remember the patch your going to walk into. 2) spray the repel. 3) go to the patch and the pokemon should still be there, if you forgot just do the poke radar again but youll most likely break your chain.

6. Keep following the steps of my chain guide until you get around 40, this is where your heart starts beating fast. you can look for patches that are gleaming or reset your pokeradar until one shows up gleaming. Here is where your chain is most likely to break, and where the stress ball comes in handy or screaming)

7. If you have a shiny, im very proud of you and im very happy that you took the time to do all of this, give yourself a pat on your back and see what people will trade for it or keep it a memory (first shiny XD) if not, keep trying until you get one, with teh right amount of patience and luck you are sure to get one! just dont give up!!! in fact i will reward you with your choice of a berry per shiny you get, 1 berry if its the first evolution, 2 berries if its the 2nd evolutoin, and if oyu can manage to get the 3rd evoltiion 3 berries or a tm! just go in a trade with me and ill see if your is legit and YOURS, not traded.

ok so im pretty much done explaining this, if i left out anything or your not sure of something post it here or pm me!

hope this was good enough for you! again please dont hesitate to post comments on what i missed or if you have questions!
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Shiny Chaining
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